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Career Development

Employee self-assessment refers to individual analysis and evaluation of one’s abilities, interests, temperament, personality and career development requirements, etc., so as to identify the appropriate career goals and career development path.

Organizational Assessment

Organizational assessment is an objective and impartial assessment of an employee’s ability and potential based on certain information, including the employee’s performance evaluation, personnel records reflecting his/her education backgrounds and work experience, etc. The organizational assessment is generally conducted by the HR personnel and direct supervisor jointly.

Career Information Transfer

In order to establish realistic career goals, an employee must know the available career choices and development opportunities, and obtain information on career options, career changes and job vacancies within the company. The company shall timely inform the employee of the organizational development and his/her personal information to enhance his/her understanding of the company, including promotion opportunities and constraints, performance evaluation results, and training opportunities, thus helping the employee learn about his/her career path.

Career Counseling

Career counseling refers to an activity integrating the steps in the career planning process, which occurs repeatedly or continuously throughout the career development process. During the process, an employee may face some unpredictable or unavoidable problems, such as promotion, job-hopping, transformation of functions, and interpersonal relationships, etc. Career counseling can solve these confusions by providing advice and support for wise choices.

Career Guidance

areer guidance can be defined as a series of development activities including both formal and informal education, training and work experience. These activities may help employees to engage in higher-level positions. Career guidance points out the possible development direction and opportunities of an employee within the company, who may change jobs following the company’s career path.

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