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Employment Philosophy

Employment criteria: integrity (priority) and ability

Employment principles: discover able people and put them at suitable posts; make best use of the advantages and bypass the disadvantages; promote the capable ones, remove average ones from important positions, and lay off mediocre ones

Staff appraisal standards: “integrity, ability, and performance”- prioritizing performance, taking into account the attitude and ability .

Basic quality requirements: honest, self-reflective, diligent, and motivated

Staff pursuit: build body and mind, challenge willpower, arouse potential, and establish a correct value concept and thinking & behavior pattern, so as to create a brilliant career and a colorful life

Work mode: full control and assessment by stages; equal focus on results and processes

Work style: practice what you preach and never stop until success is achieved; avoid prevarication, procrastination, and speculation

Management philosophy: put the right people at the right post; do the right thing at the right time in a proper way – build an automatic success mechanism for employees and the company

HR: talents determine the success of an enterprise and the enterprise provides a platform for talents to exploit their talent; attract talents with salary, job, sentiments and atmosphere

Staffs’ professional ethics: dedicated, loyal, active, responsible, honest, and hardworking.
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