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1、What is AVIC-Storefriendly Mini Storage?
A: AVIC-Storefriendly is your most intimate warehouse housekeeper. Anything the cannot be stored in your home or office due to limited space may be stored in the highly-secure, clean mini storage.
AVIC-Storefriendly mini storage provides 24h full HD CCTV monitoring, 24h air-conditioning running for constant temperature and humidity, IC smart card for identity authentication, detached lock with keys kept by the customers, and the first intelligent control center in Hong Kong to protect customers’ property.
2、Will items in AVIC-Storefriendly mini storage get damp?
A: AVIC-Storefriendly provides 24h air-conditioning running for constant temperature and dehumidification, ensuring that your items are clean and protected from molds.
3、Is the mini storage safe?
A: Safety is the top priority of AVIC-Storefriendly. The company provides 24h full HD CCTV monitoring, imported intelligent access control system, 24h regular patrol by the security guards, and independent locks with keys kept by the customers themselves, ensuring your items in the safest place.
4、What items can be stored in the mini storage?
A: Everything from household items (stroller/chair, seasonal clothing), collectibles to corporate documents and commercial goods, etc. AVIC-Storefriendly helps you solve all the problems arising from insufficient space.
Don’t store inflammable and explosive goods, toxic substances, odor products, living items, perishable goods and contrabands explicitly stated by the national government.
5、How to estimate the storage space needed?
A: Your may estimate the required warehouse size by referring to the Space Estimation Table on the official website of AVIC-Storefriendly. The company offers dozens of warehouse sizes to place your belongings reasonably. It also provides free on-site estimate service to save all the trouble of every customer.
6、How long is the leasing period?
A: Storefriendly self-service warehouse allows you to store the items on the day of signing the lease contract. The lease term is calculated on a monthly basis and you can lease the warehouse for long term. When the contract expires, the parties may renew it if no objections are raised. The rent can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually. Long-term lease enjoys discounts.
7、What’s the payment method?
You can make payments by cash, UnionPay cards, bank transfer, and checks, etc.
8、What about the logistics?
A: You may choose your own means of transport, and we can recommend a long-term and stable logistics partner for your reference. One-stop freight makes your item transport safe and fast.
9、What if I'm not tall enough to put things?
A: AVIC-Storefriendly mini storage provides free trolleys and ladders to make item storage easier and more convenient.
10、Do you have convenient transportation?
A: AVIC-Storefriendly is an owned property offering free parking spaces. Its mini storage enjoys convenient transportation as it is close to Metro Line 6, just 2mins’ walk away. There are also many bus lines.
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